Google Forms

Google Forms Icon (small) Beginner’s Guide to Google Forms

Here you’ll find blog posts on how to use Google Forms. If you’re new to Google Forms, I suggest you read the posts in order as they start with the very basics and build up so you can use Forms with confidence.

How do they work?

How to make one

Questions: What else can you do?

Adding titles & sections

Types of questions

Managing your form’s responses

More ways to create better forms

Adding images and videos

Changing the background

Sending and sharing them

Creating test & quizzes

Beyond the basics and practical ideas on using Google Forms

Pre-filling forms to personalize them

Clocking in system

Placement test

Request form – Sending an automatic email

Automatically sending an email with info from a submitted form

Attendance system

Beginners Guide to Google Forms (small) You can download my Beginner’s Guide to Google Forms book from the iBooks Store or from the Kindle Store. This contains all my posts so far on Google Forms in one convenient package.