Google Docs

GDocsBeginner’s Guide to Google Docs

Here you’ll find blog posts on how to use Google Docs. They start with the very basics and progressively move on to more advanced functions, but in every one I take you step-by-step through how to use them.

The basics

Make your text look better

Setting up the page

Getting to grips with tables

Making bulleted & numbered lists (inc line spacing)

Working with images

Printing your document

Inserting links, drawings & lines

Spelling, personal dictionary & word count

Paragraph styles (headings)

Sharing, emailing & downloading

Adding comments and suggestions

Translating a document & working in another language

Inserting special characters & mathematical equations

Voice typing and voice control

Revision history – all is not lost!

Web clipboard

Research and Define

A collection of useful tools (templates, starring, full screen, find & replace)

Beginners Guide to Google Docs (small)You can download my Beginner’s Guide to Google Docs ebook from the iBooks Store or from Kindle Store. This contains all my posts so far on Google Docs in one convenient package.