Google Apps Script

Here you’ll find a selection of instructional posts on how to use Google Apps Script with the Google Apps suite. More added every week!

Practical applications of Google Apps Script

Creating multiple short URLs in seconds

Request form – Sending automatic emails

Automatically emailing info from a form submission

Book inventory

Pimp up your Sheet! – Formatting Sheets

Multiple FILE Maker

Multiple FOLDER Maker

Clocking in and out system

Creating & sharing class folders

Maintenance & IT issue reporting system

Making and sending kids reports

Google Apps Script Basics

1 – First script

2 – First Docs and Forms scripts

3 – Variables and getting & setting values

4 – Loops

5 – Arrays, the Logger, Execution transcript

6 – If, menus, prompt, onOpen trigger

7 – SpreadsheetApp & for in loop

8 – Spreadsheet class

9 – Sheet class

If you want to learn more about Apps Script, please see the information on the More page, which contains recommended books, videos, groups and blogs.

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Note, I’m still learning Apps Script and the pieces of code I’m sharing on here are part of that learning process. If anyone sees any possible improvements in them, (and there’s always a better way!) then I’d be happy here from you.