Google Slides – Adding video

Video can brighten up any presentation and it’s easy to add YouTube videos into your slides. Here’s how:

Inserting a video

Go to the “Insert” menu and select “Video”.


You can either search for a video on YouTube using a search term or you can paste in a URL directly in.

First, let’s add a video off YouTube. Type in the search term in the box. Here I’m looking for a video on the new Google Sites. Then click on the video you want and press “Select”.


This will add the video onto your slide. Note, I’m using a grey background here to show you the edge of the slide.


If you are just going to play the video, then I would increase the size of the video so it reaches the edges of the slide. Just click and drag the little blue squares in the corners.


To watch the video, you’ll need to be in present mode. So, click on the “Present” button.


The video doesn’t play automatically, you’ll need to click on the video to play.


Hovering over the video will bring up the video controls and options at the bottom.


Going from left to right you have play/pause, sound control, current time and duration of the video, captions options, settings (speed, subtitles, quality), watch it on the YouTube site, full screen.


The other way to add a video is to paste in the YouTube URL. Click on “URL”, then paste in your previously copied URL, then click “Select” as before.


This is really easy for adding videos which on YouTube into your slides, but at the moment it’s a shame you can’t link to video files on your Google Drive.

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