Google Slides – Creating lists & line spacing

One popular aspect of presentations is to have a list of key points. In Slides you have the choice of adding bulleted or numbered lists and also the option of choosing the style of the points (as you do in Docs). Here we’ll look how you create these lists and how you can edit them.

  • Lists
    • Bulleted lists
    • Numbered lists
    • Customizing your bullets
    • Adjusting the line spacing

Creating a bulleted list

In Google Slides, create a text box (see my last post). This is where you’re going to put your bulleted list.

Click on the Bulleted list icon on the toolbar.


This will add a default bullet point in the text box. To add more points just press Enter after each line of text.


To change the style of the points, click on the little triangle to the right of the Bulleted list icon. This offers you 5 other formats.


Here is what those formats look like with text added.

Note, to add an indented point, just press the tab key, e.g. the line Extensively & intensively.






Creating a numbered list

This is similar to the above, but this time click on the Numbered list icon on the toolbar.


You can also convert a bulleted list into a numbered one, just by selecting the text box that contains your bulleted list and clicking on the numbered list.

As with the bulleted list, if you click on the little triangle next to the icon, you are offered 5 other formats.


Here are the formats with some text added.







Customizing the bullets

To select further bullet types, go to the “Format” menu > Lists > List options

Here you have some boxes with some more formats, click on one to change your list.


Here I’ve clicked on the “tick”.


Alternatively, you can use the special characters to choose the specific point type you want. Click on “More bullets”.


This opens the “Insert special characters” menu. By default, it opens in the Arrows list.


Click on an icon to change your list.



Adding a space in between your points

There are two ways to do this. Either you press enter to create the next point.


Then press delete, to remove the bullet point. You need to do this for each one.


Alternatively and a quicker way is to adjust the line spacing. Click on the “Line Spacing” icon on the toolbar.


By default, depending on the theme you’re using, it’s set a 1.15, which means the next line is 1 line below with a little bit of space between them. To increase the space, click on “Double” to add a complete line height between each point.


As you can see, it’s now spaced out and all the points were done at the same time.


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