Google Docs – Spelling, your personal dictionary & word count

Here let’s look at two useful tools in Docs, spelling and word count.

As you write your text if you misspell any words, they will automatically be highlighted with a little red line underneath the word. So you can correct it manually.

Docs9 - 2 (1)

Alternatively, you use the spellcheck, which will check all the document and provide you with possible corrections.

To use the spellchecker, go to the “Tools” menu and click on “Spelling”.

Docs9 - 1

If it finds any misspelt words it opens the spelling dialogue box.  To correct the word click on one of the options in the box, although often the top one which is already selected is the correct one. Then click on “Change”. It will move automatically to the next incorrect word. You also have the option of typing the correction in the box.

Docs9 - 3 (1)

You also have the option to ignore the word, if you know it’s ok, or if you click on the triangle next to Ignore, then to ignore all incidences of that word.

If you use a word that isn’t in the default dictionary, you have the option to add to it. Just click on “Add to dictionary”, which will add it to your personal dictionary.

To see what words are in your personal dictionary or to edit it, go to “Tools” and click on “Personal dictionary”.

Docs9 - 4

Here you will see the words previously added and a box at the top to add your word. Notice that I’ve had to add words which are perfectly good words, so the default dictionary isn’t perfect. For example, ‘misspelt’ and ‘misspelled’ are both possible (in British English at least).

Docs9 - 5

To delete a previously added word, hover over it and a cross will appear to the side of it. Just click on the cross to delete it.

Docs9 - 6

Word count

It’s possible in Docs to count how many words you’ve written, which is particularly useful in academic situations.

Just go to the “Tools” menu and click on “Word count”.

Docs10 - 1

This provides you with the number of pages, words, characters and characters excluding spaces.

 Docs10 - 2

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