Google Forms – Adding images and videos

In Google Forms, apart from text, we can add images and videos to enrich the form, and as always this is simple to do.

Adding an image to a form

You can add images to your form. On the right-hand side of your questions, you will see a floating menu with 5 options.

Forms5 - 8

Click on the middle one, “add image”.

Forms5 - 9

This opens the “Insert image” dialogue box. Choose one of the options at the top depending on where your image is.

Forms5 - 11

In this example, I’m going to add an image that is on My Drive. Type in the name of the file and press Enter.

Forms5 - 12

Click on the image you want and click “Select” at the bottom of the box.

Forms5 - 13

This adds the image on your form. At first, it may be the wrong size. Just click on it and drag a corner of it to change the size.

Forms5 - 14

You also have the option of aligning it to the left, centre or right, and adding a title to the image.

Forms5 - 15

Clicking on the 3 dots, also offers you the option of adding “Hover text”, i.e. when the person’s cursor is over the image, some text will appear. Clicking on it adds a hover text line under the image title, which you can edit.

Forms5 - 16  Forms5 - 17

Adding a video to a form

On the floating menu, click the fourth option (the play icon), “Add video”.

Forms5 - 10

Either you can type in a search term or you can click URL and paste in a YouTube URL.

Forms5 - 18  Forms5 - 19

Here I’ve typed in a search. Select the video you want and click “Select”.

Forms5 - 20

Back on the form edit page, you can align it and give it a title.

Forms5 - 21

Clicking on the 3 dots, gives you the option to add a caption under the video. This can be a better option than adding a big title.

Forms6 - 15 Forms6 - 16

The form-filler will see the video embedded in the form and they will just need to click the play button to watch it.

Forms6 - 17

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