Google Forms – Questions: What else can you do?

Here we’ll look at:

  • Naming the form and file
  • Changing question type
  • Making questions obligatory to complete
  • Changing the order of the questions on your form

Naming the form and file

Forms3 - 1

In my previous post, we already created a simple multiple-choice form and named it “Revision test”. In the top left-hand corner you’ll notice that the file is still called “Untitled form”. So, let’s give it a more meaningful name.

Click on the filename “Untitled form” and automatically it will suggest that you name it the same as the form title. You can leave it like this, or you can press delete and type in your own filename.

Forms3 - 2

Back in the form, we can also add a form description. Click on “Form description” under the form title.

Forms3 - 3

For example, “End of unit 1 test”.

Forms3 - 4

Changing the type of question

Often we want the name of the person who’s filling out the form, so we can add a question asking for the to fill out their name.

1) Click on the first question so it is highlighted as if you were going to edit it. Then click the “plus” button to add a question.

Forms3 - 11

2) In the “Question” field type Name.

Forms3 - 12

3) Click on “Multiple choice” to select the question types.

Forms3 - 13

4) From the menu, choose “Short answer”, which requires the person to type in a short piece of text, i.e. in this example, their name.

Forms3 - 14

Making a question obligatory to complete

5) I always want them to fill in their name, so I can make the question obligatory. At the bottom of the box, click the slider button “Required”, so it changes colour.

Forms3 - 15 Forms3 - 16

Changing the order of the questions

6) When I look at my form, I see the Name question is after the first quiz question. I want it to be the first one. So, all I do is click on the Name question, where the 6 little dots are, and drag it upwards above the first question then drop it.

Forms3 - 17

7) The name question is now the first one. You can change the order of any your questions this way. Think of each one as a separate block that can be moved around.

Forms3 - 18

Form3-Moving question

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3 thoughts on “Google Forms – Questions: What else can you do?

    • Yes, this is a good use of Forms. For each multiple choice question you can direct the user to a particular page of your form, based on the option they choose. Click on the answers in the question and on the right you’ll see the options. By default it just goes to the next page.

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