Google Drive – Converting Microsoft docs to Google ones

If you’re like me, you may have lots of Word, Excel and Powerpoint files.  Whilst you can just upload those to your Google Drive, they do take up precious space on your Drive and Powerpoint files in particular, can be quite big files.  Converting them from Word to Google Docs, Excel to Google Sheets, and Powerpoint to Google Slides means they don’t take up any space.  Plus, you can edit and view on any computer and so don’t need programs like Word installed. Here’s how to do it:

1) Right click on the file you want.  This opens the menu.  Then click “Open with”, which opens a further menu, showing the programs you can open that file with.  The one you want to convert it to, will be at the top of the list, in this case “Google Slides”.

Converting files - z2

2) In this case, click on “Google Slides”.  It will then convert the file, which will take a few seconds.  The newly created file will appear in a new menu.

Converting files - z3

3) Back in your folder, you will see two files.  The original Microsoft document (in this case a Powerpoint document) and the new Google document (here a Google Slides file).

Converting files - z4

Note: on the right of the screen, you can see the file sizes.  The Powerpoint one was 805Kb and the Google Slides one is zero.

Tip: Generally the conversions are good, but if your original files had a lot of formatting, links, etc, it’s a good idea to check the new document, to make sure it looks fine, as sometimes, things can go awry.

4) If you’re happy with the conversion, then you’ll probably want to delete the original file to save space.  Right click on the original file, and from the menu, click “Remove”.

Converting files - z5

Remember, that will move it to your bin.  To remove it fully you will have to remove from your bin to save space on your Drive.  See the bottom of my post on managing files for details on how to delete files.

eBooks now available on Drive, Forms, Sheets, Docs, and Slides:

  • Join the Google Slides Tips Google Space (for now: personal accounts only)

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