Google Drive – Uploading files and folders

Google Drive is not just a place to store your Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc but you can use it to store pretty much whatever file you want.  Uploading files is a piece of cake:

1) Click on the red ‘New’ button on the left hand side of the screen.

 Uploading files - z1

2) This brings up the menu.  Then click on “File Upload”.

Uploading files - z2

3) This opens your file directory (this is the Mac view, but Windows is similar).  Find your file, click on it and then click “Open” in the bottom right-hand corner.

Uploading files - z3

You can upload multiple files at the same time.  Just select the ones you want then click “Open”.

4) A little uploading status pop-up window will appear.

v2 - 9

5) Drive will tell you when the upload has completed.  Just click the “X” on the right-hand side to close the status window.

v2 - 10

6) You will see your file in the folder you were in.

Uploading files - z5

You can upload files to different folders at the same time. If you’ve done this, you can locate the files in the folders by clicking on the green circle, which will change to a magnifying glass and state “locate in My Drive”.

v2 - 11

You can also drag a file from your file directory directly into Google Drive.  Just drag the file across onto your Drive and drop it (let go of the mouse).  The upload status window will then appear as above.

Uploading files - z7

On Google Chrome, it’s also possible to upload an entire folder, following the same steps above, but in step 2 choose “Folder upload” not “File upload”.

Uploading files - z2

eBooks now available on Drive, Forms, Sheets, Docs, and Slides:

  • Join the Google Slides Tips Google Space (for now: personal accounts only)

Baz Roberts (Flipboard / Twitter / Google+)


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