Learning Google Apps (GSuite)


Welcome to my site on Google Apps (G Suite) and how to use them.

Here you’ll find a collection of instructional posts to help you to use the apps.

New this month:

Practical applications of Google Apps and Google Apps Script.

Plus, Google Apps Script basics.

Updated – My Beginner Guide ebooks to Google Forms, Sheets, Docs, Slides, and Drive (on both the Kindle store and iBooks Store) now contain the latest updates to the apps.

Plus, follow my new Google+ Collections:

Learning Google Apps Script – which contains tips, examples and ideas on how to use GAS with Google Apps.

Google Drive tips, Google Forms Tips, Google Sheets Tips, Google Docs Tips, and Google Slides Tips – full of tips on how to use these apps better

Please support my blog by buying a book or two! 🙂 A collection of my Google Drive, Forms, Sheets, Docs, and Slides posts downloadable as convenient eBooks.

Beginners Guide to Google Drive Rev2 (small) Beginners Guide to Google Forms (icon) Beginners Guide to Google Sheets (icon) Beginners Guide to Google Docs (small) Beginners Guide to Google Slides (icon)
Google Drive Google Forms Google Sheets Google Docs

Google Slides

Kindle Store

Kindle Store Kindle Store Kindle Store

Kindle Store

iBooks Store

iBooks Store iBooks Store iBooks Store

iBooks Store

Plus “Google Sheets Functions – A step-by-step guide” ebook – Available on the Kindle Store / iBooks Store

Have a look at my Google Apps Flipboard Magazine and my Google Apps Script Flipboard magazine.

You can also follow me on Twitter: @barrielroberts

I hope you find the posts useful. Please feel free to share them with as many people as you like.

9 thoughts on “Learning Google Apps (GSuite)

  1. Hi Baz,
    definitely a great help your tutos! Simple and straightforward! Pls keep it this way!
    would love to translate them into portuguese!

  2. Hi Barrie,
    Struggling my way through trying to do the simple task of pushing a spreadsheet of dates to Google Calendar. Any possibility of incorporating this in one of your great posts? Your breakdown of code lines would be very educational.

    I started with this to get a feel for basics but my knowledge is insufficient to adapt it to what I want to do


    • Hi Mark-I do have code which adds events to a calendar. It’s on my list to do but I doubt it will be for a while and may only appear in the book I’m putting together. What I can do is share a copy of the sheet with the code and you can have a look through it. Send me your email address to my email: brgablog@gmail.com

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