Learning Google Apps

Google Apps rev2

Welcome to my site on Google Apps and how to use them.

Here I’m building up a collection of instructional posts to help you to use the apps.

July update: After spending 6 months writing 70+ step-by-step guides and producing 5 beginner guides, I’m having a little break from it. However, in the coming months I will be looking at some more advanced features of some of the apps, plus possibly some Google Apps Script posts, for those interested in dipping their toes into that wonderful world and getting the most out of Google Apps.

Buy my books!🙂 If you’re a teacher, some summer reading before you go back to class. A collection of the my Google Drive, Forms, Sheets, Docs, and Slides posts downloadable as convenient eBooks.

Beginners Guide to Google Drive Rev2 (small) Beginners Guide to Google Forms (icon) Beginners Guide to Google Sheets (icon) Beginners Guide to Google Docs (small) Beginners Guide to Google Slides (icon)
Google Drive Google Forms Google Sheets Google Docs

Google Slides

Kindle Store

Kindle Store Kindle Store Kindle Store

Kindle Store

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iBooks Store iBooks Store iBooks Store

iBooks Store

Have a look at my Google Apps Flipboard Magazine.

You can also follow me on Twitter: @barrielroberts

I also recommend joining the Google+ communities on Google Apps and Drive. They are full of wonderful ideas and there is always someone who is willing to help you with a problem you may have using these.  Here are the links:

Google Apps for Education

Google Apps in Education

Google Docs and Drive

Google Docs Tips

I hope you find the posts useful. Please feel free to share them with as many people as you like.

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  1. W!m says:

    Hai Baz,

    Many thanks for your beauty posts! I like them very much. You are an ambassador for GAfE!!

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